Nicaragua Yoga and Surf Retreat

Maderas Village


Guests will fall in love with the Maderas Village, a susatinably-minded Surf Village in the midst of a hillside jungle and gorgeous coastline. This almost untouched location is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle of everyday life. Meals are enjoyed family-style at communal tables within an open-air dining room. MacKenzie Miller, a personal trainer and yoga instructor, uses her understanding of anatomy and appreciation of balance and movement to guide her classes. Jack DuFour began his practice in Santa Monica, California, one of the largest communities for yoga. This dynamic duo will begin each morning with a Vinyasa session followed by a hearty breakfast. The afternoon is left open to explore the coast and sites of Nicaragua. The set up of Maderas, along with the yoga practices, will make for an unforgettable experience.


The Maderas Village is a short walk from Maderas beach and a 20 minute shuttle from San Juan del Sur. This surf village helps make transportation arrangements to get people to and from San Juan del Sur, Rivas, San Jorge, Grenada, or Managua.


The Maderas Village is known not only for its yoga, but also for its incredible surfing, its vibrant night life, and its beautiful surrounding beaches and cities that are no more than a road trip away. Maderas Village highlights these two activities as a must do:

  • Catamaran Tour:
  • $70/person (including transportation to and from San Juan del Sur)
  • Surf Lessons/Rentals:
  • $15/lesson, $10/rental
  • Trips to surf locations

Food + Dining

Maderas Village goes to great lengths to make their food something to remember. They offer local and fresh food to their guests daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nightly pre-fixe dinners are served to guests seated at their large communal tables. They have a primarily pescatarian menu that is locally inspired and is described by guests as, “simplicity done to perfection.”  Mondays are a special treat at Munchies Blues Cafe, where friend, Sergio, cooks Roman-style Italian pizza in a wood-burning oven that both New Yorkers and Italians have raved over. While the kitchen is always open for lunch, Taco’s Locos on the Beach is always a nice treat and offers the best fish tacos in Nicaragua.

Getting There

Fly into Managua, Nicaragua (MGA).  From the airport you will be transported to Maderas Village.  Transportation to and from the airport is $100/person, $50/person for 2 people, $40/person for 3 people, $35/person for 4 people or $30/person for 5 people. Guests are welcome to set up your their transportation if desired.

What’s Included

  • Room and Board for 8 days
  • $900 Dorm (4 per/rm) $1200 Shared (2 per/rm) $1500 Private
  • 3 Meals a day plus a juice or smoothie
  • 2 Desserts
  • Tax & tip



Maderas Village
Maderas Beach
San Juan del Sur 230492
South America

MacKenzie is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and world traveler.  Her teaching combines thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement.  She engages deeply with her students and her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, creating a safe space to have fun and explore, work hard...


Jack started practicing yoga during his sophomore year of college. He was first drawn to the practice as a supplement to powerlifting, it helped to relieve soreness and increase range of motion. As he started practicing more and more, he realized that this practice could provide everything he needed physically...