About Us

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Retreats around the world are our passion–there's not a better place to find retreats with top instructors at the top destinations. Whether you're looking for Surf and Yoga in Costa Rica, a Luxury Wellness Retreat in Hawaii, or a Writers Retreat in Italy - it can all be found on Seek Retreat.

Our Vision

Our ultimate, wide-eyed, idealistic vision is to foment change in the way people think about travel and leisure, or vacation time. We want to encourage what people seem to be increasingly longing for–getaways which enhance consciousness instead of dulling it, and endeavors which expand the mind and broaden our experiences and strengthen the body, and return us to our home feeling invigorated and renewed. We want those who are so inclined to see more of the world and to connect to their humanity in a way that challenges and changes them and gives them a new and different perspective on their individual lives, and on life in general.

On a slightly less metaphysical note, we aspire to be the world’s premiere online retreat marketplace–where all manner of retreats the world over can be easily found and purchased, and where our collective experience and resources can positively impact the livelihoods of those who have dedicated themselves to helping others find what they seek whatever that might be.

What it used to be like

Imagine, if you will, a barren digital landscape devoid of lustrous photos and ample, satisfying descriptions–only meager lines of text leading to desolate email contact forms or scant descriptions of shady addresses where one must actually mail a hand-written check! Once upon a time, a person needed to know exactly what teacher or venue they were searching for, and then had only the limited selection of retreats, and inadequate details that specific site had to offer, and virtually no modern way to pay for whatever retreat they were lucky enough to stumble upon. Only those plucky and/or desperate enough to cast their check into the abyss of the US Postal service in the hopes of extracting a transformative vacation experience were even afforded the slim chance of manifesting that goal via the internet.

What it’s like now

the growing online retreat marketplace, Seek Retreat is rapidly becoming the most trusted resource to search, find and book your next retreat. We represent the best retreat hosts and most exquisite properties on earth, and are striving to make the online retreat transaction seamless, intuitive and fun.

Business Model

If you’re a retreat creator, instructor, or resort owner we are here to help. List your events or your destination and connect with the world at large. We are not only here to help you find the people you want to connect with, but we are also here to help you look your best, and help you develop your business.

Call us or email us today to join our tribe: 1-310-308-6008 or info@seekretreat.com