Location: Kathmandu Valley & Himalayan Foothills , Nepal

This pilgrimage is held in the area of Pharping, located in the South-Western corner of the Kathmandu Valley. It is the ideal long weekend get-away if you are a resident of Kathmandu, wishing to further explore the Buddhist culture in Nepal and learn about Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques, or if you are visiting Nepal and wish to take a few days out of of your programme and explore this sacred valley with many holy sites. The groups will be of maximum 10 people.


We stay at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, host to some 100 monks located on a hill overlooking the entire Kathmandu Valley. This gives us an incredible opportunity to witness Buddhist monks in their daily lives in the monastery, while at the same time it offers us the perfect place and environment to learn about Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices.

food and dining

We will enjoy delicious, organic and vegetarian meals daily at the monastery guesthouse. There will be tea & snack during sessions.


We guide daily Dharma talks & introduction to meditation practice. In the afternoons, we hike through rice fields and local villages in the Pharping Valley. We visit the self-arisen Tara; manifesting naturally from inside the cave, a sacred Vajrayogini spot (Buddhist deity) and the sacred Asura cave, where Padmasambhava or Guru Rinopoche is said to have attained enlightenment. We venture up the Haatiban hill through pine tree forest to Dudjom Rinpoche’s retreat land, overlooking the Pharping Valley.

Travel Details


  • $108 - Single Supplement
  • $289 - Normal Price

Check In

4:00 PM

Check Out

6:00 PM


We gather at the Kathmandu Guesthouse’s parking lot in Thamel at 5 PM

Terms and Conditions

- 50 % reimbursed if canceled 7 days or less prior to the start day of pilgrimage - 100% refund if cancelled until 8 days prior starting date


accommodations Accommodation at Tibetan Buddhist Monastary
meals We will be enjoying healthy, vegetarian meals
workshops We guide daily introductory sessions in meditation practice and philosophy
group excursion We will be hiking through stunning scenery in the Kathmandu Valley
alcohol Any alcoholic beverage or specialised coffees (cappuccinos) during our stay at the Tibetan Buddhist monastery guesthouse
gift bag

Testimonials for Himalayan Hermitage

“I have always known I would come to Nepal, and then this perfect opportunity presented itself exactly at the moment I was ready. I came in without an agenda and just open to the experience; It was truly life changing, each moment unforgettable. I will enjoy processing it for the months or perhaps years to come. Namaste”
Suzanne Kennedy

“Overall, I really enjoyed the pilgrimage! I went into this with an open mind and I was very pleased with the breadth of the experience. Alex, Sisse & Alix (yoga teacher) were very kind, professional and calm under pressure. Their network of guides, porters and their knowledge of the area is top notch! Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget this and the wonderful people I have met”
Peter Keller

“I have learnt so much. I have learnt to trust. Trust in people, in situations, and in myself. And to have courage. To dig deep and to trust that everything will be ok. I have also learned about the true nature of peoples, their kindness, generosity and their unconditional love. Additionally, the introduction to Buddhist philosophy has been so complimentary and interesting. Nepal is an amazing and interestingly diverse country with very peaceful and loving people. Finally, I have learned how complimentary the yoga and meditation practices are in daily life and how this consistency is so important for progress”
Sybil Foster

“What seems to be very complicated back home is kind of presented in a simple framework to build upon. I feel even more curious now after being presented to the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. I feel happy that it is so accessible for me as a Western person. I really feel welcomed here, in Nepal. And being with the monks up early in the morning, meditating. And just to be part of this culture in a very natural way. I had my doubts whether this was possible. But now I see it, I feel it. That it is authentic and that it is a living thing that you can come and experience. And that is something very precious. What stands out for me during this pilgrimage is the moving part, that we move from place to place. We hike through beautiful paths and see the local culture and we come by sacred places. We lit butterlamps and we had this really intense feeling of being in important places. Without this really being part of our culture (back home) but still visiting a living culture. That made a big impression. It is also such a strong feeling to experience something valuable like this in a group. You go and you wander through the mountains and you come to a new place and you settle. You do your practices led by the instructors in beautiful places, you go through the meditation practices, and I was a bit surprised. It helps you settle, and open up. This is a new experience for me, and a very valuable one ( ..) If you stay or visit in Kathmandu definitely combine it with a pilgrimage. That is really eye opening”
Anna Cecilie Skovgaard