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Donna Davidge Island Falls Maine

   Donna (Amrita) has taught at Golden Bridge Yoga, Kundalini Yoga East, Pure Yoga, HB Acting School, Nu-Age Spa, Pura Vida in Costa Rica and Spannochia in Italy,  Sweden and Canada, California as well as workshops in various studios in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. She also has taught a popular Chakra Series at the Open Center in New York City.

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Ongoing Summer Yoga Retreats in Maine

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I have been a student of Donna (Amrita) Davidge since 2007 when I first visited her retreat in Northern Maine. At that time I was just beginning to practice yoga again after a long hiatus due to a back injury. During those first few classes with Donna I was amazed that I could experience the joy of yoga again and that my back pain was decreasing with each class. Since then, I've continued studying with Donna in Maine, and on occasion in New York. Over the years, I have been grateful to have her as a teacher. Her knowledge of yoga is vast and balanced. She has a deep awareness of the body mechanics applied to yoga and is also very attuned to the energetic principles that govern the human body. In addition, she has been incredibly insightful and supportive as my practice has grown and my life has changed over the years. Since becoming her student, I've switched careers, become a yoga teacher, and faced other personal and professional challenges. She has always offered her support lovingly and with great care. As her student, you never feel far from her heart.
Brian Crithchley

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