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Sasha Bahador Vancouver, BC

My offerings pour out of a poetry soaked heart & an old soul. My calling is to facilitate connection & eradicate separation. To gather and witness us humans reclaim what has been forgotten & laid dormant. My teaching is candid, the talk is real, the movement steeped in aligned attention.

More than anything, my hope is to hold sacred space for you to have your own experience each time. It is less about teaching you with words, regurgitations, and instructions and entirely about getting out of your way to find your own wisdom from your own vast inner landscape.

Silence, artful attention, deep rest, relationships, self remembering, stillness, nature, compassion, self love…these are the true teachers of our lives.

It is my absolute joy to witness you & be witnessed by you as we each navigate the unknown trails of life.

Sleep YourSelf Awake

Nov 03-10, 2018