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One O Nine World Boulder, Colorado

109 World is a non-profit organization that designs humanitarian and wellness retreats all around the globe. Each of our trips combines travel with impact by partnering with social media influencers and supporting a local grassroots organization in each location.

I’m not even sure how to describe my experience with these incredible, inspiring, organized, and thoughtful woman! 109 World provides me an opportunity to serve a community I would not have been able to reach on my own. They obviously care deeply for their work and were in the trenches with all the volunteers to make this experience fulfilling and life changing. I would recommend a retreat with this group to every human being!!!
Jaimie Sun-Pernice

109 World trips will make your heart and soul happy. You will meet amazing people from all over the world that want the same goals as you, and you will get to work together on an amazing service project to make the world a better place. OH and you get to do some yoga too! I went on the Puerto Rico trip where we worked with community members to build rainwater barrels for residents hit hard last year by Hurricane Maria. We got to work with local grassroots organizations that are beginning to change the way people in Puerto Rico think about their resources - how to harvest their own rainwater, use solar lights, and listen to each other, create community, and heal from this disaster. One of my favorite parts was the education aspect of learning about the issues the locals face, seeing it first hand, and then getting our hands dirty on a project to try to help. The best part is that 60% of the funds for the trip go directly to the humanitarian cause- that will continue helping them even after we left. The details and logistics of the trip were so well planned an executed- I could tell how much time and love and effort went into planning every detail. Of course, you can't see every bump in the road coming, but the 109 Team did a spectacular job of taking care of any small issue that came up during the trip and making sure everyone was taken care of. The team was so present with us the whole time. I know we all enjoyed working side by side with Leticia, Savannah, Linus, and Rebecca as well as the other community members. You will not regret a life-changing trip like this one!
Chelsea Carlson

109 World is the most amazing and special Team. Leticia/Savannah/Linus and Rebecca just awesome people. I can’t wait to volunteer and plan another trip with them. Very organize planned trip and retreat and you will have a life changing impact trip and you will also grow a passion to help people in need or even a community. Thank You so much guys for all you do and for allowing me to have this experience with all of you! You Rock 109 World.
Martha Luna