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Katie Schomberg - North Carolina

Katie is here to bring healing, open-ness, purpose, and embodiment for women. She is the founder/creator of The Scared Space Retreats & Workshops (online & in-person), The Sacred Space Podcast, and The Sacred Self…an individual healing experience. She is HERE to help women “return home” and find that sacred space within. Katie’s mission is for each and every woman to live and breathe from a connected, peace-filled, WHOLE-heart space. She knows that when women begin to show up for themselves, in a real way…choosing to WAKE UP, they heal, the people around them find healing, and the world begins to change.

Katie works with women via retreats, speaking engagements, and individual healing/coaching sessions. She is also a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher (200hr. RYT), meditation guide, classically trained chef, CrossFit Level 1 coach, and retired photographer. She believes in a holistic approach to your personal healing & wholeness, and uses all of her training and wisdom, as needed, in your individual healing sessions.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Joseph Campbell

Welcome home. I am so thankful you are here. XO, katie

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"I am out of the quicksand that held me captive for a number of years. Kate guided me to my own empowerment in order to move forward and take action on my calling. Her kind, gentle, trusting, nurturing, and loving spirit resonates with every eloquent word she speaks. Katie is in-tune with her intuition and easily takes guidance from her higher source. My time with Katie has blessed my life indefinitely."

Katie is a powerhouse of intuition and discernment! She was prepared to get right to the nitty gritty of the energy work, and in doing so brought great wisdom about my personality and life circumstances. I am inquisitive by nature, and Katie was incredibly patient with my many questions as we began. Relatively new to energy work, there was much I did not understand. I think one of my favorite parts of Katie's coaching style is that she is willing to share parts of her own story as she goes. Since energy work can be emotional, I found this to be of significant benefit. I wasn't in it alone!

I have been so blessed and grown so much being coached by Katie. She is an amazing human being and a beautiful soul. She has not only changed my life, she has changed the lives of my children, and consequently their children as well. Through choices I made in my young life, and the environment of my family, I did not learn to manage emotions well. With Katie’s guidance, I have been able to release so much of my past that I didn’t even realize I was still carrying. I now have practical skills I am able to use when I feel my emotions surging out of control. But, even more amazing to me, I have been able to teach my children who are all under the age of four to implement these when their emotions feel too big! Rather than spiral into screaming and lashing out we are learning to breathe and to listen to what we are feeling. My family’s legacy is changing!! I am eternally grateful for Katie and her wisdom, energy, and love in my life. In my opinion our world would be so amazingly different if everyone would seek out and learn from an energy coach, and the coach I recommend to everyone I know is Katie.

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