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Amber Jade Spain

Amber Jade has spent her life asking “how can life be even more AMAZING?”, and pioneering creative answers that help us be better stewards of ourselves, others and the planet.

Amber Jade was propelled into personal transformation from an early age: navigating abuse, a rare genetic disability, PTSD, traumas, relationship & health challenges. A passion for learning and solving challenges led her into entrepreneurship early, to music performance on stage, TV, and radio, and on to world travel, art and design, and social innovation.

She’s now an executive-level corporate survivor with years of practical experience in “achieving dreams” and building personal and social structures that work. She brought her irreverent recipe for success all the way through the maze of corporate business development and into the world of personal evolution, wellness, and social innovation for the greater good. She found her dream partner, calls Hawaii home, and is living her divine purpose as an international entrepreneur. Her brands ‘Luminaria Sanctuary’ and ‘The Luminaria’ are devoted to practical ways to nurture your inner light – from empowering neuroscience to environment and systems development for a better life.

Amber Jade’s work is an artful synergy of science, humour and wisdom that reveals the mysterious inner workings of the intellect, emotions and the body. Practical skill sets based on tangible neurobiology and psychology help to create deep and lasting change in how people understand themselves, the world, and their place in it.

Amber Jade has experience in: Non-Violent Communication – Neuroscience – Marketing – Psychology – Teaching – Masculine/Feminine Dynamics -Transformational Coaching – Certified Business Planning – Small Business Consultation – Retreat Leadership – Facilities Operations – Wellness – Massage – Detox – and more…