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Jessica Lee Lumiar, RJ Brazil

Jess is an American who has spent much of the past 10 years living in this region of Brazil. She not only speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently but also knows the land, cultures and where to go (and not to go!). Jess embraces yoga as a lifestyle practice and as a universal path leading to the illumination of the soul. Her personal practice and teachings are deeply rooted in mind-body-spirit wellness, sacred service and connection to The Divine. Her teaching mission is to inspire students to awaken to their full potential while cultivating a vibration of unconditional love. Jess has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and is a certified Ashtanga Yoga and Karma Yoga teacher.


5 day Mountain Rainforest Bliss Yoga Retreat

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Hands down, the best week of my life! Everything was absolutely amazing!! All of the people who came together to create such an amazing retreat are beautiful souls! The location, activities, practices, meditations, ceremonies and food was all AMAZING!
Preston Dumaine