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Liz Galloway Unknown Location

I am wellness and fitness instructor who began in wellness many years ago in luxury spas as a bodyworker, trainer, and consultant.

I’ve practiced yoga for over a decade, am addicted to and certified in Core Power Yoga Sculpt. I’m dedicated to helping people transform by changing their physiology to shift brain chemistry, change the mind and unlock their ultimate potential and goals.

I have also created key training courses and retreats for corporate and boutique locations in Costa Rica, Spain, and now Bali because of its culture, beauty, and healing location at Soul Shine.

I live a life as a full-time traveler, author, and adventurer focused on a passionate healthy lifestyle.

I have a background in business, and am also trained as an outdoor survival guide, work on expedition ships, and have been licensed as a boat captain, and student helicopter pilot.

I love adrenaline and pushing boundaries. Now I advocate for a physical and mental retreat that breaks through barriers and create shifts in people’s lives.

Connect with me. Let’s experience a week of combined wellness, yoga, fitness, coaching, fun, music, extreme outdoors, and culture. Across all industries when people reach their purpose, magic happens!

This is no ordinary getaway. Open to all ages 21 + and all fitness levels.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our destination, activities, accommodation, or logistics related to our retreat.

I have known and worked with Liz Galloway on numerous occasions over the past 3 years. Her dedication to the team, vision and insight on projects, retreats and unique and edgy approach to content creation have proved to be valuable assets. We have collaborated on community boards and events, national media events and getaways, and day to day operations related to my personal business ventures. I would highly recommend Liz as someone you can trust and count on to not only work with the highest ethics, but also in a timely and professional way. She will think outside the box and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any project or role.
Kathryn Christiansen