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Consciously Connected Travel Essaouira, Morocco

Born from personal experience and driven by a need to create a space for women to empower themselves and each other. As women we wear many hats, juggle the world and try to do it all with as much grace as possible. However, more often than not we are battling inner turmoil, which leave little room for vulnerability. We are conditioned to feel that we must always be strong and resilient. Many of us have tried some form of retreat in our lifetime, and in the moment we feel motivated, transformed and empowered with renewed energy and promise to be better to ourselves; kinder. But what happens when you leave? Even with the best of intentions, life gets in our way.

We are approaching our retreats from an altogether different prospective. Set in the serene coastal town of Essaouira, within a sumptuous and rustic Beldi farmhouse, each retreat will be in collaboration with a leading health and wellness expert, providing a curated focus and purpose, in addition to a team of some of the best holistic practitioners and our own private chef. A space to discover, while rediscovering yourself.