Shirin Eskandani Unknown Location

Shirin works with women who have big dreams and big hearts. She helps them work through their fear and doubt so that they can live their lives with more purpose, passion and joy. Together, they co create Larger than Life goals so that their own lives become their #lifegoals. Her work is rooted in finding what drives you. What truly makes you passionate about life. Shirin wants your passion to fuel your goals instead of your goals being your passion. Because let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve landed that dream job or found that dream partner, and been miserable because we realize that it wasn’t what we wanted. Why? Because we were so focused on the goal, that we forgot why we wanted it. Shirin brings her clients back to their why. Their deep rooted, soul’s purpose, heart-driven why. Once they find the why, they start living that next level life. A life where they truly know what they want and desire and they go for it.