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Kathryn Nichols Portland, OR

Kathryn is a retreats guru, lifestyle curator, yoga instructor and bon vivant from Portland, OR. She has been traveling the world and hosting wellness retreats for the past 2 years. She is the former Retreats Director of the DEN Meditation—one of LA’s hottest meditation studios and has organized retreats for some of the world’s most renowned meditation and yoga instructors. She’s now back in Portland (her hometown) and creating next-level retreat experiences with all her favorite instructors!

Kathryn is passionate about travel, creating beautiful healing spaces, and delivering transformational experiences. She believes that retreats are essential to growth, as they allow you to step outside your comfort zone, tune into your soul’s innate wisdom, and give yourself the space to create something new in your life. The profound shifts that her clients have undergone during her retreats are nothing short of miraculous and she loves hearing about their manifestations once they return home. When not traveling or on her mat, Kathryn loves playing with her dogs, making art and geeking out over alternative wellness and entrepreneurship.