Team Seek Retreat

Audra in a yoga pose

Audra Director of Operations, Yogini, Gypsy, Scientist, Squirrel, All-around Badass

A decade in the yoga community has led Audra to make an impact in the wellness industry. A natural desire to provide order leaves her with impeccable organizational skills while a passion for life and a genuine, joyful, disposition makes her an advanced networker within the teaching community. Audra has trained under world renowned instructors such as Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty and Baron Baptiste. She spent time as the coordinator of a cancer cell research lab, at the Medical University of South Carolina, which further advanced her meticulous organizational and task management skills. After a full-time career of teaching yoga on the East-Coast, Audra relocated to Venice Beach, California to shake up things on the left side. Audra brings a light heart and a calm, and assertive demeanor while directing the workflow.

Molly smiling

Molly Yogi, Creator, Wanderer, Dreamer, Doer

Molly’s passion for travel has taken her all over the world, she lived in Tanzania doing AIDS prevention work, backpacked through Central America and after completing her B.A. in Psychology at the University of Southern California she traveled through Southeast Asia.

After a year of deep self inquiry Molly’s journey took her to India where she completed a 300 hour yoga teacher training with Swami Santhiprasad. There she learned the ancient theories behind Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga, but most importantly, how to live a meditative, yogic lifestyle. Her goal is to carry the torch, exemplifying this way of life through her practice and her work each and every day.

Albert the dog looking like he wants something

Albert Greeter Extraordinaire, Company Mascot, Butt Sniffer, Pony

Albert Finney of Venice, named for a favorite actor and near homonym of the aforementioned Abbot Kinney, moved to the outskirts of Venice at the age of 7 weeks. Save for a brief stint in training as a field trial dog, which ended abruptly when he turned on the trainer, Albert has lived a life of leisure–chasing balls, hitting the beach, prancing proudly, and enjoying all the culinary delights the streets of Venice have to offer.