maoMeno Retreat Place

Gili Meno (Lombok), Indonesia

maoMeno is located on the island of Gili Meno, Indonesia, just a short boat ride from the east coast off the island of Bali. It’s 15 square kilometers are home to about 500 residents and no cars or motorbikes making it a quiet and nurturing container for a 200hr yoga training. The property is surrounded by green fields and palm trees, and is nestled just minutes away from pristine white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise water. Personally for me, something special happens when I step into maoMeno- I feel held, supported and flooded with inspiration. The decor is peaceful, clean and simple with natural textures of rustic wood, smooth bamboo, and ylang ylang woven roofs. All houses are individually crafted and each offer their own unique expression to suit your tailored “glamping” experience. The open air yoga shala offers breezy practices on wise wood floors, however, I am continually inspired to broaden our classroom container so be prepared to step off the mat and into this tropical wonderland!

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