Santa Catalina Retreats

Santa Catalina, Panama

Imagine a Yoga and Surf retreat in a tranquil, remote, unspoiled and authentic surf town.

Connect with the genuine friendly locals and enjoy their delicious healthy meals of local fresh fruits and local organic seafood each day.

Where nature and wildlife is in abundance, and people warmly greet you as you stroll, skate or bike through town.

This is Santa Catalina Retreats.

Here you’ll immerse yourself with twice daily Yoga classes, a daily surf session, and super healthy fresh foods.

Returning home with a sun-kissed glow, stronger surfing skills and a reinvigorated Yoga practice.

Join us and embrace the slow pace and simple lifestyle that embodies this beautiful and remote community.

Revel in the raw natural beauty of Panama, meeting like-minded adventure travelers.

A place to really unplug and disconnect. Come home feeling more relaxed and refreshed then you’ve ever been.

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